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Top 3 College Football Handicapping Money-back Guarantee Scams

At, we pride ourselves on our true, 100% money-back guarantee that covers an entire season of college football. There are other services that claim guarantees of all kinds. Let us examine the top three college football money-back guarantee scams more closely.

At, we have posted the detailed terms of our guarantee, and they are based on the most important issue to any investor/sports bettor: profit. We offer 100% of your money back to you if you do not show a profit. Most importantly, that profit is quantified as an overall (net unit) winning percentage that is greater than 52.38%. Anything less than 52.38% means losing money (following the Nevada sportsbook standard of ‘bet-11-to-win-10’). CLICK HERE for our 100% Money-back Guarantee Terms.

Odds are, if you found another college football handicapping service with a guarantee, it is on the following top-3 list of scams:

3)Free Plays Until You’re on the Plus Side”- With this arrangement, after you pay for a “guaranteed” service term, and you have not profited at the end of that term, you will get free plays (i.e. picks) until you show a profit.

The Problem with Those Guys: Perhaps ‘scam’ is too strong a word for this, but be warned: What you would have before you is a losing term (perhaps a whole season), and you would be compensated with more picks. You still would not get your money back, and you would have no idea when or if you would recoup your gambling losses. There have been complaints about this kind of “compensation” lasting for years without profit. While the picks are still free, you would lose countless dollars betting these losing picks.

The Solution with Freedom! You are not “stuck” with us. Try us for a season. With our 100% money-back guarantee, if you have not profited at the end of our service term, you would get back ALL the money you paid us, and you could go on your merry way- free to stay with us or to seek another service.

2)Pay Only If You Win”- This is fairly popular now. Even otherwise legitimate handicappers (some pretty famous names), give you the opportunity to pay only after you win.

The Problem with Those Guys: The rip-off is made clear when you do the math. First, handicappers only offer this on a game-by-game basis. No season-long packages means no guarantee that you would profit AT ALL over the course of a season. Second, it is so expensive! The price range for these individual game picks ranges from $40-$100. If you paid for 122 games, and you found one of those guys good enough to win 70 of those 122 games you would be paying between $2,800-$7,000! Again, you would have NO GUARANTEE YOU PROFIT on the season. Even if some pathetic handicapper wins just 40% of his games, you would still pay for those 40%. There is nothing even approximating the guarantee of a winning season with this type of arrangement.

The Solution with OUR MOST EXPENSIVE 100% money-back guaranteed membership offered at is $1,999. (That is without discounted off-season specials or coupons of any kind.) It is for the entire college football season including Bowl games. For the 2013-2014 season, our clients received 146 paid recommendations. Even using with our most expensive membership for this 2014-2015 season, that breaks down to $13.69 per money-back guaranteed game. So for an excellent return AND a true, 100% money-back guarantee on the entire season, we charge anywhere from 1/3 to 1/7 what the others charge. That is value, and that is what you want in sports betting.

1)Guaranteed Credit”- Number 1 on our list, this is the most popular version of a guarantee offered by other handicappers.

The Problem with Those Guys: You do not get any money back. After you are given losing picks, those guys will offer you equal “credit” in the form of more picks. (For example, if you paid for a losing week’s worth of picks, then you would get a free week’s worth of picks.) The guarantee terminates there, meaning that if they give you more losers for your “credit” week, you are simply out of luck (and money). They will not give you any more picks, and they already made it clear that you would get NO MONEY BACK.

The Solution with With us, if you did not profit (defined as a net unit winning percentage greater than 52.38), you would get all of your actual money back. There are no forms to fill out and no claims to be made. Your money would be refunded to you automatically.

Best of the Rest

Since these “guarantees” are less common, they did not make the top-3 list, but beware:

a)    of handicappers who do not display explicit guarantee terms on their website. We have seen those that insist you must email them to see the terms. Why? What is there to hide?

b)   of handicappers who spell “guarantee” incorrectly. While funny, it shows that no one is proofing the website. No proofing of the guarantee, in particular, means no attorney has looked over the terms to ensure their legality.

c)    of handicappers who hide behind convoluted or bizarre guarantee terms. We know of at least one handicapping service that will guarantee you win more games than you lose. Simple enough, right? As it turns out, their “system” bets moneyline games almost exclusively. When they tell you to bet the favorite on the moneyline, you pay a lot to win a little. In college football, the favorite does win most games (around 77.85% for the 2010-2011 season), but winning games is very different from winning bets against-the-spread. The premium you have to pay for betting the money line favorite means that you would actually lose money over the course of the season, even though you “won more games.” That might seem confusing, but it amounts to you never seeing your money back with that guarantee.

At, you have the option of purchasing a true, 100% money-back guarantee. Our terms are produced in full, explicit detail on our website. CLICK HERE for our 100% Money-back Guarantee Terms. Protect your college football wagering investment; purchase a 100% money-back guaranteed membership from Try it for a season. You will be glad you did.
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