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2006-2018 Lifetime Formula Record

  2006-2018 FORMULA ONLY GAMES WON-LOST-PUSHED 2006-2018 FORMULA ONLY BANKROLL% WON-LOST-PUSHED 2006-2018 FORMULA ONLY WINNING % BY BANKROLL% (without pushes) 376-260-10 946.67-613.83-13 60.66%   DATE PICK PICK TYPE* SPREAD RESULT % BET 1/1/18 LSU (vRead more

The Best College Football Conferences for Your Money

Just which are the best college football conferences for your money? Well, if your money is bet on one conference to beat another conference, then we have your answers.

The 2015 College Football Preseason AP Poll – Unanimous

The college football preseason AP Poll has devolved to unanimous laziness.

Assessing College Football Coaches: The SEC East

A Quantitative Assessment of the Football Coaches in the SEC East

Assessing College Football Coaches: The SEC West

Quantitative Proof that the SEC West Boasts an Impressive Group of College Football Coaches

Kansas State’s Bill Snyder: Right Numbers Do Him Justice

Kansas State’s Bill Snyder: A Panegyric

From Coaching College to Coaching in the NFL: MOV ATS

How to Save NFL Franchises Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Another Reason to Bring Back UAB Football: Bill Clark

#FreeUAB = Keep Bill Clark

When to Hire and Fire College Football Coaches

Assessing College Football Coaches Using Sports Betting Analytics

Efficient Markets and Sports Betting- Part II

Three More Suggestions of Greater Efficiency in Opening Betting Lines