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Why Us?


  • NO NONESENSE. We offer college football picks and analysis. OUR "FORMULA PICKS" ARE DETERMINED BY MATHEMATICAL ALGORITHMS BASED ON CURRENT SEASON PERFORMANCE DATA. The picks you get are our only picks. Whether or not you choose the money-back option is your decision; the picks are the same. We have no ‘Trillionaires Club’ or ‘Lock-of-the-Century’ extra special super-duper picks (for more money). We hold back nothing. When you get our picks and our analysis, you are getting our best.
  • With CollegeFootballWinning.com, you have the option of purchasing A TRUE, 100%-OF-YOUR-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. (CLICK HERE for the 100% Money Back Guarantee Terms.) Other services may say they have a money-back guarantee, but get the truth about their "guarantees" by reading this: Handicapping "Guarantees"
  • EFFECTIVE MONEY MANAGEMENT. We give specific wagering parameters: We tell you what betting line to get (and even where). We never recommend wagering more than 3 units on a single game. We ask that each unit is between 1.5% and 1.67% of your total bankroll. Therefore, you would never be asked to wager more than 5% of your bankroll on any single game.
  • GUARANTEED VALUE. Over the course of an entire season, we provide wagering recommendations for AN AVERAGE OF AROUND 125 GAMES. The most expensive 100% Money Back Guarantee membership offered for the entire season is $1,999. Therefore, THE AVERAGE PRICE PER GAME FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON OF 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED GAMES IS AROUND $16.
  • OUR ONLY FOCUS IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Unlike others, you will not find us (or The Formula) magically picking every sport- from horse racing to Australian Rules Football to Mixed Martial Arts- making picks 365 days a year. OUR ONLY SEASON IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL. The fact is college and pro football share a season. Even if you find an “expert” in football handicapping, do you really want him dividing his time and focus every week between college and pro games? OUR FOCUS IS SINGULAR: COLLEGE FOOTBALL WINNING.
  • OUR SYSTEM IS PREDICATED ON WAGERING AS INVESTMENT. If you want to gamble on your favorite team because it is your alma mater, that is a choice based on loyalty and emotion. Our selections are not based on school spirit or alleged “inside information.” OUR ONLY LOYALTY IS TO A RETURN ON INVESTMENT, i.e. beating the betting line on college football games. Period.
  • YOU WILL NOT BE HARASSED BY TELEMARKETERS, SPAMMERS, OR JUNK MAIL. We have no “sales representatives.” You will never receive a phone call from us or anyone affiliated with CollegeFootballWinning.com trying to sell you something. You will not receive any junk mail from us. Your personal information is not sold or given to anyone else.

All-Time Formula Record for CollegeFootballWinning.com

(against-the-spread and without pushes)

2006-2014 Formula Units


 All-Time 3-Unit* Games Won-Lost-Pushed




(without the pushes)


(without the pushes)

*Our strongest recommendations are 3-unit games.

2006-2014 TOTAL UNITS



(without pushes)



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